Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance is a data transmission system with video cameras, television cameras for a limited number of monitors, and / or recording devices.

Video surveillance systems are often used for surveillance in areas that require constant monitoring, such as banks, ATMs, casinos, airports, railway stations, military facilities and usual stores.

Modern digital video surveillance systems are reliable, easily upgradable. Such kind of surveillance systems is simple to operate while not requiring of installation of additional cable network.

Generally CCTV system consists of video cameras working in IP network and special server interconnected by packet Ethernet network. IP-camera can transmit video frames with the required frequency in digital form instead of use analog composite signal such as PAL or NTSC. There are IP-cameras with a frame rate over 60 fps. The server provides video capture from cameras, analysis for the required parameters and recording on its internal hard drives or external storage. There are fixed and motorized-dome cameras in indoor or weatherproof implementation resistant to precipitation, etc. We work with hardware and software «Axis», «Panasonic», «Milestone» and other companies.