GSM enhancement

Currently according to wide spread of GSM cellular systems sometimes there&s a need arising to enhance of working parameters of mobile subscriber&s stations along some premises or areas. When poor quality of service occurs along large areas, the cellular provider handles correction itself, by installing additional base stations, changing their beam aerials etc. But what one will do if poor service quality occurred within his office or home?

One of possible answers to it is to use compact wide-band amplifier of GSM signals, often simply called &a repeater&. Such systems are simple and comparatively cheap, giving noticeable improvements in majority of cases. There are few other ways to enhance GSM service quality, but these ways are far more expensive and may need legal acknowledgment.

GSM The need to strengthen the GSM signal arises in the case of:

  • due to the nature of the building / room: thick concrete walls or interior partitions, metal walls, basement, shielded room, and so on;
  • due to the peculiarities of the terrain;
  • due to the presence of interference attenuating the signal.

Scope of application:

  • office centers, business centers (reason: concrete, metal frame or shielded windows);
  • part of a building, e.g. basement, underground parking, elevator;
  • cafe, restaurant and other establishments are located in the basement, basement or semi-basement;
  • industrial workshops, warehouses, hangars;
  • country houses with adjoining territory, apartments.

System with a GSM repeater consists of weatherproof beam external aerial directed to best chosen base station near by, wide-band linear amplifier itself, one or few internal secondary aerials, feeder RF cables and passive tappers and splitters. All connections should be done by qualified personnel, or chances of system&s satisfactory operation will be poor. Equipment is installed at places out of reach of people, must be protected from humidity and moisture, perfectly fixed to the building construction parts.

Our company has experience of usage and construction of such systems, we may install, launch and make support. At our work we use well known and quality parts and full solutions of brands PicoCell, Eurolink, Kathrein etc.