Cabeling and LAN installation

Structured Cabling System (SCS) — is the physical basis of the infrastructure of the building, allowing unite in a single system the set of network-based information services for different purposes: local computer and telephone networks, security systems, video surveillance, and so on. Typically, these services are considered within the framework of certain services of the enterprise.

SCS is a hierarchical cable system mounted in a building or group of buildings, which consists of structural subsystems. Its equipment consists of a set of copper and fiber optic cables, patch panels, patch cords, cable connectors, modular jacks, information outlets, as well as accessories. All elements of the SCS integrated into a single system (the system) and operated according to certain rules.

Cable system — is a system whose elements are cables and components that are associated with the cable. Cable components include all passive switching equipment that serves to connect or physical closure (termination) of the cable - telecommunications outlets in the workplace, crossing and patch panels in the telecommunications premises, clutches and splices.