Situation сenters

Situation rooms (SR) are complex hardware and software systems for collecting, analyzing and displaying information.
The company "UKRinfosystems" carries out the technological execution of these systems at various levels, in various scales, in accordance with the requirements of the customer.


  • situational centers of public authorities;
  • CALL centers;
  • decision support centers;
  • crisis management centers;
  • central command posts.


  • system for collecting incoming information;
  • data processing, analysis and structuring system;
  • control systems;
  • distributed access video and audio communications system;
  • data visualization system;
  • data storage and archiving system;
  • security complex;
  • sound notification systems;
  • telephony and local area networks.

Equipping the situation room should be carried out comprehensively, by a team with the necessary experience in the integration of AV equipment. The personnel of "UKRinfosystem" is highly qualified and experienced in performing such work, has undergone appropriate training. We participate in state and commercial tenders throughout Ukraine.