2N telekomunikace

GSM gateways

Device for reducing the user’s costs when calling from fixed lines to GSM networks. In general, calling from the fixed to a mobile network is more expensive than calling between mobile networks, but a GSM gateway allows you to save the difference. All 2N GSM gateways also exist in a UMTS network version.

A GSM gateway is a tool for:
- cost savings
- receiving and sending SMS messages
- receiving and sending FAX messages
- forwarding calls to mobile phones – Mobility Extension

Analogue GSM Gateways

2N® analogue GSM gateways provide a flexible connection
between analogue and GSM networks and their goal is to... more...

Digital – ISDN BRI GSM Gateways

Digital ISDN BRI gateways are the optimal solution for SOHOs and
SMEs with a high number of calls to mobile networks... more...

Digital – ISDN PRI GSM Gateways

Digital ISDN PRI gateways are an ideal investment for SMEs
and LMEs that are looking to make some very attractive... more...

VoIP GSM Gateways

If you own a software private branch exchange or a telephone exchange
with a VoIP interface supporting SIP or H.323... more...

Intercom systems

Our range of products offers intercoms for a variety of purposes. They are intended to provide maximum comfort and safety to residents and visitors to buildings.
Communicators mediate communication with visitors to both households and workplaces and, if needed, they can guarantee a connection between a person in real need and the service they require.

IP intercoms

If you are looking for a stylish solution for
door communication, you’re in the right
place. The 2N® Helios IP door ... more...

Analog intercoms

The analogue door and security intercoms in
our 2N® Helios range are a perfect
alternative to classic doorbell ... more...

Smart Extensions

2N Smart Extensions are top-of-the-range
devices introducing new possibilities for
using technology in today’s modern... more...