Security Alarm Systems

While creating a security system the latest developments in the field of security equipment are used: video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems, access control systems. This makes possible to create an effective multi-layered defense system. All systems designed by our company allow further development and modernization of installed equipment.

Automatic alarm system is a complex of technical means to provide timely warning of security service about entry or about attempt of entry into the building, some of its premises or the surrounding area, with the fixation of the fact, time and place of trespassing.

The task of the alarm system — is timely providing of information about intrusion to the protected area. Security systems provide continuous monitoring of residential, office, industrial premises, external and internal perimeter, regardless of the area of the protected object and time.

Types of alarm security systems:

• Autonomous alarm system
The primary purpose of an autonomous system is to stop offenders by activating a strobe flash, sirens, etc. When this type of alarm is triggered, there is no alert the relevant authorities or owners, transmission of alarm signal is not available. Installing of this security alarm system is good for organizations with staff who are on object permanently.

• Autonomous alarm system with motion, breaking and presence sensors.
If standby mode is broken, strobe siren or other distracting stimuli are activated.

• Alarm system with a connection to the console monitor
The alarm system with a connection to security console of company is designed to protect objects by installing the special sensors and actuators (this can be communication GSM-modules). In this case, if sensor is triggered, the security system sends an alarm signal to the central monitoring console. According to the requirements imposed for the protection of each individual object, different types of sensors designed to gather information can be used. Sensors have different ways of communication to the CPU, operating principles, types of sensors, monitored physical parameters.