Allied Telesis - reliable and high-quality equipment for the Internet

UKRinfosystems is a golden partner of the company Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis products are reliable and certified according to industry standards.
The company's devices provide technically advanced, multifunctional and cost-effective solutions for Internet networks.


Allied Telesis wireless solutions provide security, reliability and unmatched roaming performance combined with lower running costs to meet the needs of modern digital organizations.

Enterprise Wireless Access Points enables optimized wireless networking for any environment. By allowing simultaneous multi-channel and single-channel WLAN connectivity from the same access point, deployment is simplified and both mobility and throughput can be enjoyed to the maximum without compromise.

The SMB series, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, includes reliable two-way access points with easy management.

Enterprise (TQ)

SMB series (for small and medium businesses)

Allied Telesis Switches

Allied Telesis switches efficiently handle high volumes of multicast and broadcast traffic and deliver the highest packet replication performance!
Reliable, easy-to-manage devices with high performance.
Web-based interface, allows you to organize virtual local area networks (VLANs), based on ports and monitor the quality of work.

Allied Telesis switches meet the needs of enterprise organizations of all sizes.

Key features of Allied Telesis switches:

  • opportunity to connect to the web interface;
  • Plug & Play support, which guarantees easy installation;
  • availability of ports of 10/100 / 100T type;
  • PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology support;
  • availability of combined SFP ports;
  • possibility of automatic selection of modes (MDI and MDI-X);
  • use up to 4000 MAC addresses;
  • port mirroring capability;
  • statistics and diagnostics of work, etc. have been adjusted.




Allied Telesis Routers

Solution for protection and security.
Allied Telesis offers advanced security solutions to meet the needs of today's business — at an affordable price with proven reliability.