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LED display equipment (scoreboards, information boards) are information display devices, the image of which is formed by controlling an array of light emitting diodes. Such public information devices belong to the category of information media – digital signage, and are designed to display text, digital or graphic information, static and animated.

Nowadays these displays are used in various areas of public life, they are widely used in the servicing, transport monitoring and industrial safety and many more others. For example, on-line information boards at train stations and airports inform passengers about the timetable of trains or airplanes, and can also perform an advertising function, broadcasting commercial information to travelers.
Other options for using the LED information boards are:
- motorway traffic signaling boards and information boards on city transport stops,
- people queues information boards,
- sports scoreboards (in gyms, stadiums ...),
- gas station customer information boards,
- digital and analog clock systems (with additional optional functions as time and date display, air condition display, weather forecast display and so on, managed by and synchronized to central device),
- displays for different kinds of timer applications,
- weather forecast displays,
- currency exchange rate information boards and so on.

The LED information boards have various technical characteristics considering the special customer requirements (overall dimensions, visibility distance, color and brightness of illuminated light, weather protection options, operating temperature, mounting, control, etc.) of each industry and the climatic conditions of the region where the equipment is installed.


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