Wi-Fi networks with seamless roaming

UKRinfosystems offers the construction of seamless Wi-FI networks based on a hybrid solution from Allied Telesis.
The Autonomous Wave Control with Channel Blanket (AWC-CB) approach combines SCA and MCA architectures’ merits, allowing both to operate simultaneously.

- Provides a seamless roaming environment without the need for channel configuration.

- Works autonomously based on automatic settings.

- Multi-channel and single-channel architecture work simultaneously from one access point.

AWC-CB solution that provides a seamless roaming environment without any need for channel configuration. It operates autonomously based on automatic settings, and both multi-channel and single-channel architectures operate simultaneously from a single access point.

The solution implementation is embedded in Allied Telesis AWC-CB compatible hardware (e.g., Allied Telesis TQ5403). It features technological innovations, including high-speed, low-latency Ethernet, and faster hardware, enabling leading-edge algorithms to adjust the radio power of access points and allocate channels in an automated and intelligent way. It also supports some of the latest Wi-Fi standards (e.g., IEEE 802.11k/r/v, 802.11ac wave 2) to ensure high-speed roaming, high-performance communications, resource efficiency, and configuration and deployment flexibility.

Hybrid Wi-Fi Enables a Superior Wireless Experience:

  • AWC-CB (Channel Blanket) Support
  • IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 Compatibility
  • Three Radios for the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz Bands
  • High-Speed Roaming (IEEE 802.11k/r/v)
  • Integrated Central Control
  • Easy Management with Vista Manager EX