Web-development - the process of creating websites or web applications. The main stages of the process is a web design, laying out pages, Web programming for client-side and server and configuring the Web server.

UKRinfosystems company offers the service of development and implementation of services of any complexity. Also, our specialists will:
- help you select the type of site;
- register a domain name in any area under its rules;
- configure the virtual mail server;
- maintain constant dialogue with the client during designing.

The main stages of Web-development

• Designing a Website or Web-based applications (collection and analysis of requirements, development of specifications, designing the user interface);
• Develop a creative concept of the site;
• Creating a design concept of the site;
• Laying out pages;
• Creation of multimedia and FLASH-elements;
• Layout of web pages and designs;
• Programming (development of functional tools) or integration into the content management system (CMS);
• Optimization and placement of site materials;
• Testing and making adjustments
• Opening of the project on the hosting;
• Maintaining the working site or its programming base.