Parking automation

Automated parking systems from UKRinfosystems include hardware and software systems for automating entry/exit processes in a fenced-in parking area with the ability to charge a fee.

Turnkey automatic parking stations
Turnkey parking stations
Designing parking lots
Designing parking lots
Installation and commissioning
Equipment for parking automation
Parking equipment
Functions of automated parking systems

During the implementation of parking automation systems, we take into account:

  • ease of use of the parking lot (for visitors)
  • ease of maintenance and control (for owners)

Organization of payment:

Identification of the car for payment is carried out both by the barcode of the coupon and by the car number (determined using CCTV cameras when entering the territory).

  • Via cash desk (cash, bank card, NFC);
  • Payment via a parking meter in the parking area (cash, bank card, NFC);
  • Payment via a parking meter at the exit (bank card, NFC);
  • Via the Internet (bank card);
  • Issuance/sale/accounting of subscriptions;
  • Issuing cards to employees for preferential or free parking.

Space organization:

  • Separate parking zones, which may have different prices and different levels of access, with the ability to set additional travel restrictions (if necessary);
  • One or more entrances/exits to the territory;
  • Installation of information and navigation screens (if necessary) with the number of free spaces in the parking lot itself and in its various zones.

Statistics, manageability and pricing policy:

  • Easy manageability of tariff plans;
  • Ability to integrate any number of separate parking lots into a single accounting and control system;
  • Ability to create daily/monthly reports;
  • Main standard reports: visit by number, visit by group, current load, load during the period, general financial report for the specified period, financial report taking into account the payment point, average time spent by cars in the parking lot for the specified period;
  • Ability to create additional flexible and graphically presented reports.

Additional functions:

Parking meters can be retrofitted:

  • for parking lots elite type and/or heavily loaded it is possible to install equipment for searching places (LED signs of free, occupied and places for people with disabilities);

  • installation of additional elements for a positive perception by the public and customers of the parking lot:
    - the ability to pay by car number, even in automatic mode, the loss of the coupon does not incur additional costs for the client, both in money and in time;
    - accounting for payment by car number - leaving the parking lot does not even require opening a window, it is important during precipitation, cold or hot weather;

  • others, if necessary.