Colocation - is the service of equipment (server) placement on the technical platform "UKRinfosystems" and it&s connection to the communication channels with high bandwidth. This service allows you to save your time and money on communication channel and service technicians servicing equipment.
Our Data center has uninterruptible power supply system, connection to high-speed Internet access channels and it is equipped with modern security systems and climate control. All of these conditions ensure a safe and smooth operation of your equipment.
Our staff will provide all the necessary consultations, will help to set up and provide an excellent level of service and support for your equipment.
The main advantage of colocation is the complete freedom to use the server that makes it possible to realize any specific tasks, and the volume of resources depends on the specifications of the equipment.

The technical platform of data center provides:
• infrastructure (cabinets, racks, cable channels, network equipment);
• necessary climate for the server (temperature, humidity);
• uninterrupted power supply;
• fast Internet channels;
• monitoring and technical support;
• possibility of remote work with the equipment;
• opportunity to visit the data center;
• equipped locations for works with the server on technical platform;
• security...