Access control systems

Access Control Systems (ACS) — is an effective means against unauthorized access of unauthorized persons to the premises, as well as an effective solution for distinction access of employees in its premises. Usually ACS is one element of an integrated security system along with CCTV and alarm systems.

Access control systems include many solutions - from the simple systems (by one door, turnstile, etc.) to branched multilevel systems for premises and entrance check-points with multiple points of passage. Selecting specific ACS depends on the tasks faced by developers.
Electronic cabinet - is access control system for controlling one lock.
Electronic entrance check-point - is a system that allows control of access at the entrance of the company. The system consists of a turnstile with built-in controllers, readers and software.

Automated access control system — is electronic or electronic-mechanical system for granting permission for the passage of personnel, the passage of vehicles or movement of materials through the input (output) checkpoints in restricted access zones. The most commonly used in the subway.

Types of systems ACS:

Classification of Access Control Systems (ACS):
• autonomic - information isn&t transmitted to a central security checkpoint and isn&t controlled by operators;
• central (network) -there is exchange with the central point guard to control actuators;
• versatile - can operate in standalone mode, as well as in the network. If there is a failure of the central control device then it switches to the standalone mode.

System computer programs ACS controllers to enable/disable the passages and, in addition, on the basis of this computer, automated workstation (AWS) of ACS administrator is created with the following functions:
• formation of individual and group access privileges;
• tracking of employee working time;
• tracking of unauthorized persons - visitors - with an indication of their last location;
• monitoring the status of all zones (map site plan with the comments in the event log);
• blocking actuators any zone;
• visual identification of the person;
• a full-featured edition of security card.

System software allows the distribution of the above functions to multiple network computers.