Thermal cameras Opgal Therm-App MD

Mobile Thermal Imaging Device for Body Temperature Measurement

UKRinfosystems company provides solutions based on thermal imaging cameras (thermal cameras), which will allow monitoring the appearance of people with high temperature, as well as systems that can integrate with access control.
Thermal imaging systems can scan a person’s face, measure the temperature of his body, analyze and allow person, or, on the contrary, prohibit access to the object where such systems are installed.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the OPGAL thermal cameras are perfect for daily round-the-clock video surveillance, providing detection of people and objects both in complete darkness and in bright sunlight.
Thermal imaging cameras form an image, capturing the heat that constantly radiates any object: car, person, etc. Therefore, these solutions can be safely used for industrial purposes.

In 2003, OPGAL was the first on the market employ thermal imaging cameras to measure the skin temperature of airline passengers passing through airport checkpoints located within SARS-affected regions.
People exhibiting elevated skin temperatures, which may indicate a fever, could then be isolated for further evaluation to determine the cause. Similar quarantine procedures may help minimize the spread of the Corona Virus outbreak. ThermApp MD is a vital tool for fever detection in high-risk areas.

Product Features

  • Remote sensor; no crowd flow interference
  • Real-time operation; no individual measurements required
  • Several systems operating from a single command center
  • Adjustable temperature threshold set by operator
  • Blinking suspect image
  • Audio alarm warning
  • Standalone - no need for additional calibrating equipment
  • Uniquely calibrated to measure temperature differences on human skin
  • Supported devices: Android 8 and up
  • Includes Mini Android Single Board Computer source
  • Available in a 6.8mm and 19mm lens configuration

Minimal RequirementsAndroid 8 and above, supporting USB OTG
High Resolution TouchscreenYes *
Measurement Tools Center Spot
Hot/cold threshold based pallets
Manual and auto scale
Measurement SettingsEmissivity, Reflected Temperature
AnnotationsText & Video Annotations
OutputVideo & Audio (H.264), Snapshot (IR, VIS, Metadata)
Instant ShareDropbox, Email, SMS
Android ShareVia media gallery
Color PalettesRainbow, Iron, Vivid, Grey, Red Hot, Blue Cold, PSY, Lava, Green
Temperature Scale RangeAuto, Manual
ZoomContinuous digital zoom using touchscreen
Feature updatesYes (via Google Play)
MaintenanceBad pixel repair utility
Quick access menuOne touch
Package includesThermal Camera
OTG Cable
Mini Android Single Board Computer
100-200VAC power cable
Resolution384 x 288 pixels (>110,000 pixels )
Accuracy+/-1°C @ target temperature ranges of 25°- 45° C (@ ambient temp. of 25°C)
SensitivityNETD <0.07°C
Temperature Range0 – 50 °C
NUC CalibrationShutterless
Camera Hardware
Imager384 x 288 microbolometer LWIR 7.5 -14um
Optics6.8mm lens (55° x 41°). Optional lenses available.
FocusManual, 0.2m
Frame Rate8.7Hz
Weight123 grams / 4.33 ounces
Size55 x 65 x 40mm (2.16 x 2.55 x 1.57in)
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C (14°F to +122°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F))
Power SupplyNo battery, 5V over USB OTG cable, power consumption < 0.5W
CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHS
Mount/HandleStandard tripod mount, using 1/4″-20
Device AttachmentClip-on for smartphone (5 -10cm span)