XProtect Corporate. Professional security software for managing video surveillance systems (VMS).

XProtect Corporate system, broken down for the most important great companies, without interruption, without interruption in the integrity of the day and maximum productivity of possession.
Heads of central administration, video panels and server feeds of recording processing of video versions, ideally suited for installation on especially important objects, for example, for airports and great cities.

  • Unlimited number of IP cameras in the system;
  • Unlimited number of servers;
  • Unlimited number of concurrent client connections;
  • Support for analytical modules;
  • Alarm management;
  • Support for archiving over the network;
  • PTZ cameras control;
  • Push notifications;
  • Multichannel audio recording;
  • Integration of third-party modules;
  • Customer Dashboard;
  • Microsoft Active Directory;
  • Bookmarks;
  • SD cards (Edge Storage);
  • Intellectual card;
  • Media database encryption and digital signatures;
  • Backup recording server;
  • Milestone Interconnect - Central/ Remote site.

XProtect Corporate is your safe vibe.

  • Edge Storage and failover servers support for continuous operation with uninterrupted access to video.
  • Push notifications notifying you whenever something in the system requires your attention.
  • Proactive online system health monitoring for uninterrupted business operations.
  • HTTPS communication for bidirectional encryption of communication from the recording servers.
  • Dual-end SSL/TLS certificate-based encryption between recording servers and all other system components.
  • Dual authentication for a secure system login.
  • Additional encryption, digital signing and re-export prevention making sure exported material in 100% authentic.
  • Advanced role management for close monitoring of access rights and efficient management of multi-user installations.

XProtect Corporate is the solution, as you can customize it for yourself.

XProtect Corporate
  • Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) providing unlimited expandability.
  • Add metadata such as motion, bounding boxes, LPR and audio from smart and IoT devices to your video.
  • Cut down on hardware costs and bandwidth usage with support for multi and adaptive streaming.
  • Get direct access to Milestone Marketplace – a gateway to dozens of verified applications, hardware and services.
  • Customize your surveillance solutions with Milestone’s out-of-the-box add-on products.
  • Support for an unrestricted number of servers, cameras, and users for easy scalability and maximized flexibility.

XProtect Corporate comes with a range of available visual tools so you don't have to automatically automate standard operations

  • Built-in video wall solution for an immersive visualized situational awareness and efficient response coordination.
  • Multi-layered maps for an intuitive visual overview and quick navigation between buildings and floors.
  • Built-in alarm manager and bookmarking for easy monitoring and efficient investigation.
  • Centralized search function allowing you to search for video, motion, alarms, events, bookmarks and ONVIF-compliant metadata all in one place.
  • Save your search templates for future use and speed up investigations.
  • Add audio to video with full one and two-way audio support in the Smart, Web and Mobile clients.
  • Automate standard security functions with a built-in rule engine and eliminate the need for manual intervention.