IPECS-MG Catalogue | Documentation and software

iPECS-MG is a highly reliable, extensible and feature-rich business platform that integrates your PSTN, IP and mobile networks providing you with improved business productivity.

Key features:
• future-ready technology and open standards based architecture
• cost effective expansion
• easier operation and maintenance
• Green IT
• LG-Ericsson Unified Communications Solution
• Mobility solution with LG-Ericsson DECT and Wi-Fi technology
• enhanced IP capability
• network management solution for centralized management

IPECS-MG advantages:

The iPECS-MG simplifies communications with a high quality hardware platform offering your business all the benefits of rich features and a broad range of capabilities with easy to use and simplified management. As an ideal platform to SMB, the iPECS-MG adopts simple architecture, which allows a cost effective expansion of your business.

The iPECS-MG offers an approach to IP that ensures increased application performance and enhancements in the areas of converged voice, data and multimedia along with security, mobility, management and serviceability. The iPECS-MG interworks seamlessly with Ericsson-LG UC solutions to extend full headquarters-based applications and capabilities to branch and remote offices.

As a standalone solution, the iPECS-MG can be combined with a full range of Ericsson-LG voice and data products to create a complete converged business communications system that meets the unique requirements, challenges and budgets of SMBs The iPECS-MG provides extensive telephony features and value-added applications and also supports a full range of Ericsson-LG phones - fixed or mobile sets, both IP and digital based, conference phones and soft clients. The iPECS-MG enables SMBs to protect their investments and seamlessly migrate from a TDM based environment to a single IP network. The iPECS-MG platform simultaneously supports IP and traditional business sets to provide a single IP network or mixed network (TDM & IP) solution. Whether you’re ready for convergence today or a year from now, your options will be open and investment will be secure.

Security & Quality of Service (QoS)
The iPECS-MG prioritizes security by adopting IPSec and sRTP which are well known security standards using advanced encryption techniques and tunneling. To assure the highest QoS, iPECS-MG supports the standard DiffServ pre-tagging and 802.1p/q WALN technology, as well as the echo cancellation function.


Dimension and Weight

Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
BKSU 170,2 440 325,4 6,2
EKSU 170,2 440 325,4 6,25
Digital Keyset 268 203 124 0,9
Digital DSS/DLS Console 154 175 111 0,4
Digital ICM/Door Box 32 132 99 0,5
Digital Data Module 37 175 148 1,5
Base Station (GDC-330B/400B/600B) 170 220 57 0,46
Wireless Terminal
GDC-33xH 145 50 35 0,15
GDC-34xH 131 49 32 0,102
GDC-400H 133 44 20 0,92

* Digital Keyset: LDP-7024D, Digital DSS: LDP-7048DSS, Digital Door Box: LDP-DPB


Item Degrees (°C) Degrees (°F)
Operation Temperature 0~40 32~104
Optimum Operation Temperature 20~26 68~78
Storage Temperature 10~70 32~158
Relative Humidity 0~80% non-condensing

System Electrical

Item Specification (PSU)
1. Power Supply
AC Voltage Input 100 ~ 240 Volt AC @47~63Hz
AC Power 350W
AC Input Fuse 6.3A @ 250Volt AC
DC Output Voltage + 5, + 30Volt DC
Efficiency Above 80%
2. Battery Backup
PSU Input Voltage 24Volt DC
PSU Battery Fuse 15.0A @250Volt AC
Charging Current Max. 1A

DECT Base Station (GDC-400B/GDC-600B)

Item Specification
Power feeding +30V DC
Transmission Max Power 250mW
Access Method/Duplex TDMA/TDD
Frequency Band 1,880 ~ 1,900MHz
Channel Spacing 1.728MHz
Modulation GFSK
Data rate 1.152Mbps
Max. Base Station distance from the WTIB 600m (twisted 2-pair cable)

Station Distance from the System

Item AWG 22 (m/kft) AWG 24 (m/kft)
Digital Keyset 500 / 1.6 330 / 1
Single Line Telephone DSIU/SLIB12/SLIB24/SLIB12C/SLIB24C 7,500 / 24.6 5,000 / 16.5

CO Loop

Item Specification
Ring Detect Sensitivity 30Vrms @20~50Hz
DTMF Dialing
Frequency Deviation
Signal Rise Time
Tone Duration, on time
Inter-digit Time
Less than +/- 1.8 %
Max. 5ms
Min. 50ms
Min. 30ms
Pulse Dialing
Pulse Rate
Break/Make Ratio
10 pps
60/40% or 66/33%

Wireless Terminal

Item Specification
Max. Transmission Power 250mW
Modulation Method GFSK
Frequency Band 1,880MHz ~ 1,900MHz


Item Specification
LAN Interface 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)
Speed 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps (Auto-Negotiation)
Duplex Half Duplex or Full Duplex (Auto-Negotiation)
VoIP Protocol H.323 Rev. 2
Voice Compression G.711/G.729A/G.723.1
Voice/Fax Switching T.38
Echo cancellation G.168


Item Specification
LAN Interface 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)
Speed 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps (Auto-Negotiation)
Duplex Half Duplex or Full Duplex (Auto-Negotiation)
VoIP Protocol H.323 Rev. 2
Voice Compression G.711/G.729A/G.723.1
Voice/Fax Switching T.38
Echo cancellation G.165

Other System Specifications

Item Description Specification
CPU   M82805G, ARM9 Dual core (32bit, 375MHz)
Switching Device   ACT2, Custom Mixed-Signal ASIC Device
Memory Back-up Duration   7 years
Ring Signal   70Vrms, 25Hz
External Relay Contact   1A @30Volt DC
External Music Port   0dBm @600ohm
External Paging Port   0dBm @600ohm
MODU Analog Modem Bell, ITU-T, V.34 V.32BIS, V.90
Speed 300bps up to 33Kbps speed rate
Connection Automatic rate negotiation
USB Version USB 1.1
Speed Max. 12Mbps
Mode Host Mode (Memory stick) only