Soft and documentation


Title Size Type Download
ezPhone CTI - Application 10.15 MB zip download
ezAttendant v3.7 Ag - Program of System Operator 14.8 MB zip download
ezAttendant v.3.5 Ab - Program of System Operator 10.9 MB rar download
TSP Driver 1.88 MB zip download
PC Admin - Administration Program for PBX v.3.7 10.13 MB zip download
Speed Editor - Program for Administration of Speed Dial Cells 229.08 MB zip download


Title Size Type Download
User Guide for PC Admin - Programming of PBX v.3.х 5.16 MB pdf download
User Guide for ezPhone - CTI - Application 3.16 MB pdf download
User Guide for ezAttendant - System Operator 1.72 MB pdf download
User Guide for PC Admin PRO - Backup Settings Modification 1.5 MB pdf download
Speed Editor - Installation and User Guide 592.6 KB pdf download
User&s Manual АТС ARIA SOHO (rus) 9.83 MB doc download
Programming Manual for ARIA SOHO 3.85 MB pdf download
Quick Guide for Running ARIA SOHO (available only in Russian language) 9.83 MB doc download
Analog Telephone Set for Aria SOHO: User Guide (available only in Russian language) 164.55 KB pdf download
User Guide for System Messages Replacement on AAFU, VMI 30.3 KB pdf download
How to Install License Keys 211.54 KB pdf download
Brochure "ARIA SOHO: Communication Master of Your Business" (available only in Russian language) 1.21 MB pdf download
Connection to ARIA SOHO via USB 892 KB ppt download
User Guide for LDP-7208D and LDP-7224D (available only in Russian language) 2.91 MB pdf download
User Guide for PC Admin - LDK DB Upload/Download - Creation of PBX Backup Settings (available only in Russian language) 592.83 KB pdf download
User Guid for Aria-Soho Programming (available only in Russian language) 3.85 KB pdf download
User Guide for PC Admin - LDK Upgrade - PBX Software Replacement 318.56 KB pdf download
LDK Remote Diagnostic Tool: Installation and User Guide 637.35 KB pdf download
TSP user guide ezPhone (eng) 359.94 KB pdf download


Title Size Type Download
System Messages for AAFU and VMIU 944.01 KB zip download
Firmware v.3.7 Fb 2.29 MB rar download